Expand Educational Choice

Increase accessibility to State-Matching Education Savings Plans

Kansas tax advantaged education savings plans provide greater options and encourage savings. Yet, the plight of Kansas children under COVID school closures and restrictions reveals those options are not sufficient. Expanding accessibility to matching education savings plans must be a top priority.


Help Kansans Achieve Financial Freedom

Promote Fiscal Literacy & Prosperity

Our culture of debt strips families of financial freedom. Our younger generations must know the dignity in work, power of investing and self-reliance. As Treasurer, I’ll work with the banking and business communities to improve financial literacy, and guide more Kansans to a path of prosperity.


Empowering Kansans by Limiting Government

Protecting Taxpayers, Better Services at a Better Price

As State Treasurer, an office directly accountable to Kansans, I will be your advocate in Topeka— giving a voice to taxpayers. Too often, taxes are raised and waste ignored instead of making government efficient and effective. We need to change the focus in Kansas government, putting taxpayers first!